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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet
Hand and feet care is an incredibly important part of looking and feeling good. Think about how much strain your hands and feet put up with every day. Take the time to give them the nourishment they need.

You’ll love our selection of hand and cuticle products. Our cruelty free hand care products soften and protect your skin from the damage of daily life. Our vegan foot cream gently nourishes your tired feet and relieves aches and pains. Order your hand and feet care products today.
Brand: Amazinc
This intensive skin-nourishing wax made from natural ingredients. Soothes, repairs and protects damaged parts of the skin and is specifically designed to help scars, abrasions, rashes or reef cuts! Great for hands, lips and any other damaged or chaffed skin. Zero waste packaging, fully recyclable a..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga hand cream heals and nourishes the hands with natural ingredients. It also creates a protective barrier from environmental damage. Their formulas have been certified organic by the Soil Association. It uses fucus serratus extract, Ishga’s potent seaweed extract. The extract combines with skin ..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga have created an uplifting and invigorating seaweed body wash. An organic coconut oil base packed with fatty acids hydrates and nourishes skin. It contains moisturising and bio-degradable oil from palm fruit kernel and fruit acids. These natural ingredients create a cleansing lather foam that's..
The mild mint defiant beauty organic foot balm from Jennifer Young is both light and moisturising. Many cancer patients have to regularly moisturise as cancer treatments can cause damaged, itchy and sore skin. Taking this advice into account, Jennifer Young created a multi-tasking balm...
£15.30 £18.00
Jennifer Young hand balm is both light and moisturising. During treatment, many cancer patients are advised to cover their hands in a thick layer of balm and to cover them in cotton gloves. The defiant beauty range from Jennifer Young makes products specifically for skin damaged by ongoing trea..
Non Plastic Beach Seychelles scrub is a palm oil free soap for washing your hands after mucky jobs. You get a superior cleaning performance thanks to the plastic free exfoliating elements cleverly included in the bar. The gentle, natural ingredients are cleansing, and unlike chemical soaps, this bar..
Brand: Prismologie
Rose Quartz Comforting Hand & Cuticle Cream 40ml Uplift your day with this luxurious cream enriched with botanical extracts, rose quartz micro -crystals and restorative rose to soothe and comfort dry, stressed hands. Reach for it whenever you need a moment to yourself. The uplifting fragrance..
£17.50 £25.00
Brand: Prismologie
Massage your hands and fingers with Prismologie's hand exfoliator. It uses jade and vetiver for extra care around nails and cuticles. Feel the exfoliants buff away any dryness and roughness. Embrace your serene and balanced hands, as you lean into green. Use between manicures to maintain your supple..
£17.50 £25.00
Brand: Prismologie
Prismologie hand cream is enriched with rose quartz - a stone of comfort. Arctic rose helps increase endorphin levels and encourages skin wellness and relaxation alpine plant complex brightens, evens skin tone and helps to reduce the appearance of age spots. Marshmallow extract softens and protec..
£17.50 £25.00
We love the citrus fresh smell of this Rabot 1745 Beauty sour orange and avocado natural hand scrub. Natural ingredients care for your skin and help to protect damaged hands from every day use. It’s not just your body that needs a scrub, hardworking hands also deserve some TLC! The essential..
Rabot 1745 Beauty cacao and coconut hand cream is a nourishing drink for your skin. This luxurious hand cream is perfect for on-the-go hydration. It soothes, heals and regenerates using natural ingredients. Scents of cocoa butter and coconut transport you to a Saint Lucian tropical paradise. &n..
Brand: Sknfed
This utterly delicious organic rose hand cream from Sknfed smells fantastic and supports your skin. Use it daily for best effects and a full care regime for your hands. Just think about how much us the skin on your hands gets every day. It's battered by the elements every time you go outside and is ..
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