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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet
Hand and feet care is an incredibly important part of looking and feeling good. Think about how much strain your hands and feet put up with every day. Take the time to give them the nourishment they need. Supplied in eco-friendly sustainable packaging that can be recycled or resused. All our beautiful products are kind and gentle to your skin and the environment. 

You’ll love our selection of natural, cruelty free, organic products. Our beautifully scented  hand care products soften and protect your skin from the damage of daily life. Our natural cruelty free foot creams gently nourishes your tired feet and relieves aches and pains. Order your hand and feet care products today. 
Brand: Ishga
Ishga hand cream heals and nourishes the hands with natural ingredients. It also creates a protective barrier from environmental damage. It uses fucus serratus extract, Ishga’s potent seaweed extract. The extract combines with skin hydrating ingredients including argan oil and aloe vera. There'..
Non Plastic Beach Seychelles scrub is a palm oil free soap for washing your hands after mucky jobs. You get a superior cleaning performance thanks to the plastic free exfoliating elements cleverly included in the bar. The gentle, natural ingredients are cleansing, and unlike chemical soaps, this bar..
Oakmoss & Thyme captures the unmistakable bosky aroma of rain-fresh woodland. It is bursting with the clean, green fragrance of wild oak trees laced with rain-fresh lichen, whilst managing to capture the intense earthiness that rises from the yielding, nutrient-rich forest floor. The result is a..
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