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Moisturisers & Balms

Moisturisers & Balms
Our natural, cruelty free moisturising body lotions, oils and balms care for your skin. They contain no harsh chemicals; instead they harness the power of nature. They use sustainable, ethical ingredients & packaging  and cruelty free manufacturing processes.

Our organic & vegan  lotions, oils and balms come in a wide range of beautiful natural scents. They’re full of natural ingredients that will help restore and rejuvenate & nourish your skin. Order yours today.
Evolve African orange aromatic lotion is full of hydration for your skin. Shea butter will nourish and soften the skin whilst aloe vera calms irritation. This lotion smells of warming blood orange and vanilla. You'll also find notes of spicy black pepper and cedarwood. Spread thinly across your h..
This Evolve body butter contains nourishing organic shea butter and natural Tahitian coconut Monoi macerated in exotic blossoms of Gardenia. It is a tropical blossom soft body butter that leaves skin smooth and soft. Your skin will be naturally fragranced with exotic hibiscus. Evolve Organic Beauty&..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga invigorating body lotion contains a potent combination wonderful, naturally occurring ingredients. Your skin will benefit from lots of anti-oxidants, including vitamins A, C and E. The lotion also uses trace elements, minerals and amino acids, as well as Ishga’s unique seaweed extract to care ..
Brand: Lani
Immerse yourself in the exotic scent of Madagascan ylang ylang while tropical & superfood oils deeply nourish and restore your skin to its glowing, supple and smooth best. This lightweight and fast-absorbing Body Oil banishes dry patches, supports skin elasticity, reduces signs of ageing,..
Brand: Scence
Scence juniper berry body balm is a soothing, nourishing and softening balm. Use it every day to naturally hydrate your skin. Each balm contains organic coconut and jojoba oil, mango butter and essential oils. Combined, they make a super hydrating body balms. Scence is developed and handmade in..
Brand: Sknfed
Sknfed offer an espresso handmade solid body butter bar with a difference. Why? Because when you take it to the shower (or bath) with you, your skin gets moisturised before you even step out of the water. It has a sweet and nutty scent we're sure you'll love. Think hazelnut coffee with a shot of va..
Bliss Balm is a deeply nourishing massage balm to balance, soothe and relax the mind and body. Enjoy the heady and exotic scent of ylang ylang and vetiver as the organic oils, shea butter, jojoba and arnica work to soften and reduce inflammation.  Handmade in small batches on the..
Breathe easy with this effective decongestion balm, perfect for when you are full of cold or suffering from a blocked nose. Packed with organic oils, shea butter, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary camphor. Simply massage gently into your temples, chest and back to soothe and clear congestion,..
An all round calming and healing balm to soothe and moisturise the skin, the perfect all-rounder with a light fragrance. Packed full of organic oils such as chickweed extract, lavender and apricot oil to leave skin calm and nourished.Handmade in small batches on the Welsh borders using only the high..
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