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Self Care

Self-care is an important activity to improve your mental, emotional and physical health. It’s about being as kind to yourself as you would be to others. It’s partly about knowing when your resources are running low, and stepping back to replenish them rather than letting them all drain away. Whether it's taking a daily walk, practicing yoga, forest bathing  or relaxing in the bath its about making time for you.

Browse our beautiful selection of natural, cruelty free ethical products from incense to calm or a seaweed bath soak to relax and unwind it maybe a de stress candle to help aid sleep, all helping you put self care into practice. 

Brand: Haeckels
Lighting Haeckels juniper incense cones helps create a naturally peaceful atmosphere. It is also thought to be great at cleansing spaces, as well as being used in cooking and for flavouring gin. Juniper grows in the form of around 52 different species, which have each adapted to changing con..
Brand: Haeckels
The lemon incense cones from Haeckels create an aroma that is calming, great for easing stress and helps you stay alert. Lemon balm grows to 70–150 cm tall with oil rich leaves. Crushing the leaves products a gentle lemon fragrance. Melissa officinalis is in the mint family of Lamiaceae which ..
Brand: Haeckels
This seaweed bath is the purest representation of our seaweeds natural skin rejuvenating qualities. Packed with natural anti-oxidants and essential vitamins this pure sea vegetable turns your bath into a liquid skin enhancer. Seaweed baths have been used for generations in the repair of the skin,..
Brand: Hobo + Co
For a truly relaxing soak, you need these Hobo + Co mineral bath salts. They offer a therapeutic and relaxing blend of mineral rich pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts infused with their own very special blend  pure essential oils. Your skin and your senses will love the delicate rose geranium an..
Brand: Ishga
You'll love Dreams, Ishga's hand poured candle. The manufactures sprinkle hand harvested Hebridean seaweed between each pour. They hand pour this candle in two separate stages for impeccable quality. When you light the candle, the top layer of wax becomes molten. This reveals the seaweed inside and ..
Brand: Ishga
This natural dream candle is made from soya wax and hand poured in 2 stages with a sprinkle of hand-harvested Hebridean seaweed in between in each pour. The seaweed becomes apparent when the candle is lit and the top layer of wax becomes molten. This stunning natural candle, made from soya wax an..
Brand: Ishga
We love the Ishga organic body spray. Not only does it smell amazing, it also shows the beginning of Ishga’s progression to becoming more recyclable and eco-friendly. The spray comes in a frosted glass bottle with aluminium atomiser spray and over cap. The Hebridean landscape inspired the sc..
Brand: Lani
Designed to increase blood circulation, boost lymphatic drainage and ultimately, refine and smooth your skin, as well as stimulate a variety of acupressure points our custom designed double comb edged stone, made of 100% bian, gently hugs the curves of your face, throat and neck so you can soon find..
Brand: Prismologie
This light-weight, energising Prismologie body lotion will absorb in a flash. It leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed. Take your sunshine in a tube with you anywhere and use anytime. Give thirsty skin and refreshing drink of citrine-sparkling hydration. Yellow for Confidence: Awaken confi..
£20.30 £29.00
Brand: Prismologie
Deeply nourishing and fragrant, you'll adore this rich neroli body cream from Prismologie. Plant butters, oils and botanical extracts to soothe, protect and soften your skin. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it’s a skin saver for legs and arms as well as dry patches. Enhanced with natural neroli ..
£34.30 £49.00
Brand: Prismologie
You'll find jade, a stone of serenity, inside every bottle of Prismologie's vegan bath oil. Ingredients offer a tranquil and healing experience for your skin. The taman oil soothes and protects. Olive oil stimulates skin cell renewal. The avocado oil, which rich in essential fatty acids, also moistu..
£27.30 £39.00
Brand: Prismologie
Massage your hands and fingers with Prismologie's hand exfoliator. It uses jade and vetiver for extra care around nails and cuticles. Feel the exfoliants buff away any dryness and roughness. Embrace your serene and balanced hands, as you lean into green. Use between manicures to maintain your supple..
£17.50 £25.00
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