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You’ll love our fantastic range of natural organic body care products. Our extensive range is made up of plastic free, vegan, cruelty free, organic  products & ingredients. Offering sumptuous scrubs to luxurious body oils and creams to beautifully scented washes and salt soaks we have you covered. 

Treat your body to natural products that smell and feel amazing and all free from harsh chemicals. Our selection of body products use sustainable ingredients and ethical production and deliver goodness right to your door.

We have an extensive range of beautiful natural products we know you’ll enjoy. From soaps to moisturiser, deodorant to oils, you're sure to find what you are looking for. Have a browse and place your order today.

Rabot 1745 Beauty London natural body mist is a delicate scent you can enjoy every day. Spray to infuse your personal space and arrive refreshed. The white star-like Tiaré flower fragrance delivers a jasmine-like perfume you'll love. Rich with creamy sweetness, unfurls to produce a jasmine-like scen..
Infuse your personal space with the Rabot 1745 Beauty New York relaxing body mist. You'll enjoy the lively citrus notes as well as the warm vanilla aroma. Together, they create a peaceful scentscape you can relax in.   Rabot 1745 Beauty understand the importance of scent. They kn..
This light and refreshing St Lucia mist can be used all over the body or spritz onto your pillow for a fragrant night's sleep. Rabot 1745 Beauty understand the importance of scent. It can relax us, refresh us and revitalise us. It can also invigorate, inspire and instill a sense of peace and..
We love the fantastic Rabot 1745 Beauty natural balm. This wonder balms hydrates, calms, tames and highlights. It also intensively moisturising skin.   Ingredients come from Bois Bandé. The incredible rainforest stimulant loved and used for centuries for its aphrodisiac propertie..
Rabot 1745Beauty almond, cacao and coconut body scrub is gentle to skin. It uses natural ingredients to cleanse your body as well as remove any dead skin cells. Scoops of three different island shells transforms dull skin. Polish, exfoliate and moisturise: the three steps to achieving smooth skin..
Soothing and calming, this luxurious shower gel cleanses your skin and replenishes essential moisture without stripping away natural oils. Say ‘aloe’ to beautiful skin.An exquisite antioxidant rich shower gel that has a pure, fresh aroma and gentle to your skin thanks to aloe vera, cacao and se..
Cacao seed butter is the ‘hero’ ingredient of the Rabot 1745 Beauty range and no wonder: it delivers all the skincare ‘must-haves’ - vitamins, fatty acids, hydration - in a beautifully perfumed, easily absorbed form. Combined here in this divine bath and body oil with sweet almond oil for maximum hy..
Rabot 1745 body butter hydrates and nourishes skin. Sun-ripened cocoa and almond combine to create a luxurious body butter. Slather it on and watch your skin soak up its tropical goodness. Since 1745, the Rabot Estate has farmed cocoa and provided employment for locals. Disrupting the coco..
Gently wash away the day with our hydrating soap bar. Rich in coconut oil, it smells heavenly as it cleanses and replenishes. This is a limited edition: once they're gone, they're gone! Coconut oil contains fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants and helps create a gentle lather. Our ..
Forget soap on a rope, that's so last year. This is a pod in a bag, the latest edition to the Rabot family this cacao soap is bursting with hydrating ingredients. Inspired by the cacao pods that grow on the Rabot estate. The vegan, limited edition Hot Chocolat soap is rich in hydrating cacao butter ..
Inspired by the Chocolate Delight experience in the Saint Lucia hotel spa, this truly decadent Liquid Chocolate Body Mask smells like something you could eat. A nutritious and decadent way to relax and indulge, It's thick consistency makes it easy and fun to use and leaves skin smooth and ..
This is the perfect potion to revitalise and brighten tired skin. There’s nothing quite like our Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub. Citrus-fresh. Exfoliating. Nourishing. Breathe in and experience a fragrant, fresh citrus powerhouse of orange and tangerine essential oils. Spend a few minutes s..
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