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Bathroom Accessories

Discover our wonderful selection of natural, organic, vegan & plastic free accessories to help you create your ideal ethical bathroom. You maybe looking to reduce you single use plastics? If so we can help.

We have a wide range of easy eco friendly swaps available, from bamboo cotton buds to reusable make up remover pads. Say goodbye to single use packaging and embrace natural, ethical reusable products made with sustainable materials & ingredients. Eco friendly swaps couldn’t be easier. Take a look at our range of sustainable accessories and start your zero waste journey today.
  Get your hands on a box of Non Plastic Beach bamboo cotton buds. Each box contains 200 cotton buds on a compostable bamboo stick. Because these are plastic free cotton buds, they'll break down in home composting or in commercial composting facilities. This is an easy swap to help reduce ..
 This versatile little pouch can be used to house your soap, allowing a lovely lather for washing, with additional exfoliation from the sisal fibres.  Alternatively pop your soap ends inside to help you make the most of every last piece! Made from sisal, a natural fibre that comes fro..
 Quite simply, this Non Plastic Beach soap travel tin protects your soap bars on the go. It's a really convenient way to carry your soaps and bars, particularly for travel where you may not be able to wait for the soap to fully dry before putting it away. The soap tin is made of tin plate. I..
 The Non Plastic Beach toothpaste tablet tin is a compact, reusable storage solution for toothpaste tablets. It stores up to 60 tablets. This toothpaste tablet tin is the perfect solution to keep your tablets dry in wet environments. It's also brilliant for travel as it measures only 60 mm x..
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