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Discover our collection of plastic free, zero waste natural shaving products. We have a wide range of plastic free razors  and beautifully scented natural, ethical, eco-friendly shaving soaps for men and women.

Smooth, well-groomed skin can be simple and kind to the environment with our eco-friendly, natural, organic, vegan shaving products.

Ditch the disposable razors and start your zero waste journey today!

 Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor Designed to last this Plastic Free bamboo razor will provide the smooth clean finish you crave. Banishing another source of avoidable plastic waste from your lifestyle. Affordable, Sustainable and Effective.  Affordable: The handle is designed to la..
 These traditional safety razors will give you the smooth clean finish you crave, without requiring a mortgage to replace the blades, and all while you banish another source of avoidable plastic waste from your lifestyle.Vegan friendlyCruelty freeRecyclable packagingThe Maui Metal White Safety ..
Shaka Shave Bar suitable for both men and women for shaving faces, legs, armpits or wherever...This shaving soap is a sumptuous blend of natural oils, Frankincense and Sandalwood to produce a luxury shaving soap, that gives a smooth, irritation-free shave without plastic or palm oil. For best r..
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