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We love the hair and body wash bar from Bain and Savon. You get so much natural cleansing power in one bar! This incredible 100% natural travel soap is a shampoo, soap and shaving lather in one pocket-sized bar. It comes in a handy travel tin so is perfect for your holidays and camping. It's natural..
The rosemary hair and body wash from Bain and Savon is a real time and space saver. The multi-purpose bar is great for travelling as you get your shampoo, soap and shaving lather all in one pocket-sized bar. The bar comes in a handy, reusable travel tin too. It's great for holidays and campi..
Bain and Savon have created a stunning travel soap bar we're sure you'll enjoy. The delicate fragrances of grapefruit and chamomile hydrate and cleanse your skin with every wash. The 100% natural soap bar combines all your travel cleaning needs. It's a shampoo, soap and shaving lather in one..
Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor Designed to last this Plastic Free bamboo razor will provide the smooth clean finish you crave. Banishing another source of avoidable plastic waste from your lifestyle. Affordable, Sustainable and Effective.  Affordable: The handle is designed to last for..
Brand: UpCircle
Chrome safety razor for a superior shave and reduced irritation. This razor is 100% plastic-free and is non-disposable - simply replace the blades using our refill packs! This unisex razor can be used on the face as well as the body. Do not apply pressure when using - hold the handle gently and l..
These traditional safety razors will give you the smooth clean finish you crave, without requiring a mortgage to replace the blades, and all while you banish another source of avoidable plastic waste from your lifestyle.Vegan friendlyCruelty freeRecyclable packagingThe Maui Metal Rose Gold Safety Ra..
Brand: Old Faithful
A beautiful fresh scent oozes right out of the bottle and as soon as you put a splash onto your face to shave, you’ll know you made a great choice.What most people notice first is the zesty freshness of coriander that takes them right back to summer time out in the open. Chamomile and Cedarwood will..
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