In Japan Shinrin-Yoku meaning forest bath was introduced in the 1980’s to combat stress. Getting people to leave their frenetic, electronic dominated lives behind for a short time and immerse themselves in nature.

Forest bathing is not exercise or hiking or running, but just taking in the forest’s surroundings with our senses. Slowly and aimlessly walking allowing ourselves to savour the sounds, smells and sights of what’s around. It can boost our mood, make us feel rejuvenated and help us to relax.

Try this free therapy by getting out amongst the trees, listening to the birds and breathing in fresh air. Start by leaving your phone at home and just let your senses guide you, close your eyes and listen, take time to touch the trees (they’ve been there for many years before you and will be there for many years after you) and slowly breath and smell the wonderful aromas. It's the perfect way to start your day #mentalhealthweek


Not only does forest bathing or forest therapy lower the stress levels in the body, but we also inhale aromatic compounds from plants and trees called phytoncides. These increase the number of natural killer cells in our body which help to support the immune system.

Many thanks to Claire Riddell for her wonderful guest blog introducing us to a fabulous alternative self-care activity. Claire is passionate about health and fitness and specialises in outdoor training, sports conditioning and pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

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