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You’ll love our fantastic range of natural fragrance, candles, incense & perfumes, hand made from cruelty free ,organic ingredients. Our selection of  candles burn cleanly and help reduce your environmental impact.

Light one of our natural candles and enjoy the delicious, natural scent and warm glow that fills your space. These candles are cruelty free and use sustainable ethical materials. Most come in recycled glass jars or reusable containers.

Discover our beautiful natural perfumes, body and room mists, all with  natural stunning aromas creating a beautiful calming ambience.

Brand: JoJo Co
A sophisticated and luxuriously sensual winter fragrance rich with woody and spicy notes, modern and timeless that will have you and anyone it touches completely captivated. The inviting aroma will bring warmth and indulgence into your home on those cold winter nights.JoJo Luxury candles are handmad..
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