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Ethical Apothecary gift vouchers are emailed direct to the email address you provide. Choice from £10, £20 or £50 or customise to suit your budget.  Ideal for introducing friends and family eco friendly and sustainable living...
Brand: Haeckels
This set enables you to experience scents created using ingredients discovered in each of the four inland locations. We take you on a journey from the ruins of Reculver,  then onto Walpole and Botany Bay and finishing at Pegwell Bay in Ramsgate. Each scent is truly unique, original..
Brand: Ishga
We love the Ishga organic body spray. Not only does it smell amazing, it also shows the beginning of Ishga’s progression to becoming more recyclable and eco-friendly. The spray comes in a frosted glass bottle with aluminium atomiser spray and over cap. The Hebridean landscape inspired the sc..
Rabot 1745 Beauty London natural body mist is a delicate scent you can enjoy every day. Spray to infuse your personal space and arrive refreshed. The white star-like Tiaré flower fragrance delivers a jasmine-like perfume you'll love. Rich with creamy sweetness, unfurls to produce a jasmine-like scen..
Infuse your personal space with the Rabot 1745 Beauty New York relaxing body mist. You'll enjoy the lively citrus notes as well as the warm vanilla aroma. Together, they create a peaceful scentscape you can relax in.   Rabot 1745 Beauty understand the importance of scent. They kn..
Rabot 1745 Beauty understand the importance of scent. It can relax us, refresh us and revitalise us; it can invigorate us, inspire us and instil a sense of peace and calm in us. The range of cacao-rich products has been lovingly created using their favourite scents from the tropical island of St Luc..
This light and refreshing St Lucia mist can be used all over the body or spritz onto your pillow for a fragrant night's sleep. Rabot 1745 Beauty understand the importance of scent. It can relax us, refresh us and revitalise us. It can also invigorate, inspire and instill a sense of peace and..
Our eco-friendly white luxury boxes are perfect if you’re looking to add an extra special touch to a gift. Our natural crafted white gift box has a concealed magnetic front closure for a really luxurious feel. Contains: white tissue paper, natural corrogated shredded paper, spruce gre..
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