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Coloured Hair

Coloured Hair
Colouring your hair helps you get your perfect look, but can be incredibly damaging to your hair and scalp. With our range of hand-selected, British-made natural coloured hair care products, you can protect your lovely new colour and treat your hair. All our haircare is natural and chemical free. Forget harsh chemicals and false fragrance, use real ingredients. 
After almost 18 months of searching and testing Non Plastic Beach have launched this fabulous palm oil free shampoo bar. It was so important to them to create a plastic free shampoo bar that worked as well as the best liquid products and we are excited to declare that it is! And it works wonders wit..
Non Plastic Beach spent 18 months developing this stunning solid shampoo bar. It works just as well as the very best liquid products, but is much less damaging to the environment. When you use this shampoo bar, you know that it's SLS free, palm oil free, vegan- friendly, cruelty free. The unique ..
Brand: Nut & Noggin
Nut & Noggin offer a plastic free shampoo bar that uses moisturising, hydrating ingredients for soft, shiny hair. It cleans and nourishes your hair and scalp and doesn't leave a waxy residue. This cold processed, natural shampoo bar is rich in omega 3 thanks to organic English flaxseed o..
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