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Dry & Damaged

Dry & Damaged
Do you struggle with dry and damaged hair? Constant styling, daily battering by the elements and years of products stripping your hair of its natural goodness really takes its toll. Discover our natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly range of dry and damaged hair products we know they can help!
Give your hair all the nourishment it needs to look and feel great! Start your zero waste journey today
 You'll love the zesty scent of this wonderful Bain and Savon natural shampoo bar. The solid bar contains natural ingredients to soften and cleanse your hair every day. Bain and Savon carefully blend ingredients to support your hair health. Babassu oil helps repair and soften your hair...
We love this lavender solid conditioner bar from Bain and Savon It smells amazing and works wonders on dry and damaged hair. The natural power of lavender oil is well known. It's said to promote hair growth and prevent loss, as well as improve scalp circulation and dryness. It also is known ..
 This lime and bergamot vinegar hair rinse has been created for dry hair. It's an ideal pairing for natural shampoo bars and is perfect for use in hard water areas. Made using organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a combination of botanicals (infused with a botanical blend for at least ..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
New Beauty Kubes are a zero waste, water-free hair conditioner. The formula is also free from plastic packaging. Each 5cm x 5cm x 5cm box contains 27 individual hair masks. Beauty Kubes are a new and unique zero waste beauty concept formed with natural and organic ingredients. Each ingr..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
Beauty Kubes shampoo is a zero waste, organic shampoo for normal to dry hair, vegan friendly and 100% free from plastic packaging. Do you really want to take plastic bottles into the shower? All you need if one of our Beauty Kubes to achieve healthy, shiny looking hair that is incredibly sof..
Evolve nourishing hair elixir has been formulated with a 100% natural replacement to silicon. This results in hair that is incredibly soft, light and moisturised. It contains Moroccan organic argan oil, mixed with organic baobab oil and Tahitian monoi. With regular use, you'll see that this is a ..
This Evolve shampoo is absolutely fantastic. The superfood shine shampoo contains natural cleansers from sugar and coconut to gently cleanse scalp and hair. The natural formula cleans your hair without stripping out its natural oils. The incredible Baobab proteins have been shown to boost shine, str..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga offer a sensational seaweed conditioner with an intensely moisturising effect on hair. It's base combines the oils of jojoba, olive, sunflower, shea butter and vitamin E. The seaweed conditioner gently hydrates, nourishes and repairs damaged or dry hair. It uses a marine blend of pure sprin..
Brand: Lani
Over-worked locks are strengthened, moisture and shine are replenished and each strand is enveloped in a protective veil that helps ward against styling damages. It leaves your hair incredibly shiny, smooth and full of bounce from the first use. It’s so good, you’ll wish you tried it sooner! M..
Brand: Nut & Noggin
Nut & Noggin offer a plastic free shampoo bar that uses moisturising, hydrating ingredients for soft, shiny hair. It cleans and nourishes your hair and scalp and doesn't leave a waxy residue. This cold processed, natural shampoo bar is rich in omega 3 thanks to organic English flaxseed o..
Brand: Ishga
New luxurious Shampoo & Body Bar combines ishga’s unique seaweed extract with soothing aloe vera and natural spring water. Natural and vegetable-based, the Shampoo & Body Bar is formulated free from sodium lauryl sulfate but still maintains an excellent lather and features a high glycerine c..
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