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We have a fantastic range of plastic free, organic, natural and vegan shampoo products. Switching from bottled shampoo to plastic free alternatives couldn’t be easier! No matter what your hair type, using these natural, organic shampoos will help nourish and strengthen your hair. Use the power of nature to get thick, shiny hair that’s full of volume.

Take a look at our fantastic range of eco friendly products. 
 You'll love the zesty scent of this wonderful Bain and Savon natural shampoo bar. The solid bar contains natural ingredients to soften and cleanse your hair every day. Bain and Savon carefully blend ingredients to support your hair health. Babassu oil helps repair and soften your hair...
 You'll love the Bain and Savon coconut milk shampoo bar as much as we do once you've tried it. Coconut milk is widely used in Ayurvedic skin and hair care because it is so nourishing. The coconut milk will ensure a bubbly lather and extra creamy feel. It's combined with jojoba oil to add..
The Bain and Savon soap gift box contains 6 small bars (approx 50g each). It features their best selling natural soap bars. In each, you'll receive: Coconut Shampoo Bar Charcoal & Sea Salt Facial Bar Thyme & Witch Hazel Facial Bar Dead Sea Clay Facial Soap Rose Hip Facial..
You'll want to eat this orange shampoo bar from Bain and Salon because it smells so good! The zesty scent gives you a real boost in the morning and sets you up for a great day. The zingy blend of citrus essential oils not only gives the orange shampoo bar a wonderful smell, but a boost of cl..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
Beauty Kubes for men are organic, vegan friendly, cruelty and sulphate free. The waste free shampoo and body wash helps you achieve a zero waste lifestyle. Each Beauty Kube box contains 27 small but perfectly formed shampoo and body wash cubes. Just take 1 to 2 cubes into the shower, crumble..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
The new vegan friendly Beauty Kubes shampoo is perfect for those with an oily hair type. Our unique new formula now means you can now go plastic free when you wash your hair! These revolutionary vegan beauty products are 100% free from plastic packaging, plant-based, home compostable fi..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
You're sure to love the palm free formula in Beauty Kubes new unisex zero waste shampoo. These new plastic-free shampoo and body wash Kubes are made with 66% organic ingredients. They are extra gentle on the hair and scalp and create a luxurious lather made with sulphate-free cleansing agent..
“An apple a day” Natural Coconut and Sugar Extracts gently cleanse and maintain the skin’s natural pH balance while organic Aloe Vera softens dry skin. This juicy Evolve Daily Apple Hair & Body Wash is gentle enough to be used every day, leaving the skin soft and the hair shiny. It smells ..
This Evolve shampoo is absolutely fantastic. The superfood shine shampoo contains natural cleansers from sugar and coconut to gently cleanse scalp and hair. The natural formula cleans your hair without stripping out its natural oils. The incredible Baobab proteins have been shown to boost shine, str..
Brand: Ishga
Strengthen and soothe your hair and scalp with Ishga's organic seaweed shampoo. It has a powerful blend of Ishga's sea-salt water, spring water, aloe vera and seaweed extract. The organic seaweed shampoo has vitamins and minerals that restoring suppleness and shine. Bergamot and lavender essential o..
We love the Non Plastic Beach "Seas The Day" plastic free conditioner bar. The palm oil free conditioner bar leaves hair as silky soft as the very best liquid products. With this solid, plastic free conditioner bar, it really is impossible to over condition. You can start using them straight away..
After almost 18 months of searching and testing Non Plastic Beach have launched this fabulous palm oil free shampoo bar. It was so important to them to create a plastic free shampoo bar that worked as well as the best liquid products and we are excited to declare that it is! And it works wonders wit..
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