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Jo Jo Candle Sundown 45hr

Jo Jo Candle Sundown 45hr Fragrance
Jo Jo Candle Sundown 45hr
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Jo Jo Co create all their candles using sustainable soy wax. They infuse it with the finest natural scents for you to enjoy knowing that burning your candle is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The wick is lead-free cotton wick. Your candle will burn cleanly and won’t release any nasty toxins into the air. Plus, if you have a spill, the biodegradable soy wax is really easy to clean.    

Additional Information
Burn Time 45hrs
Candle Care On the first burn ensure you burn the candle for two hours, this ensures an even burn leading to a nice clean and empty jar. Trim your wicks to 1cm before your next burn. THE FIRST BURN The first burn is the most important. We recommend burning your candle for two hours for the first time as it’s important that the candle wax pools to the edges. Candle wax has memory which means if your candle doesn’t burn to the edges, it will create a tunnel effect and won’t burn evenly next time. Trim your wick to ¼ inch and clear away the trimmings. Debris in the wax can cause the flame to flicker and lead to soot and blackening of the glass. Keep the candle away from air streams like air conditioning vents, windows or fans for the same reason.
Key Ingredients Bergamot, lemon and pear meet peony, orchid and patchouli.
Size 40g

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