Beauty Chef

Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates celebrates the connection between inner and outer beauty. “I am passionate about raising awareness of the link between beauty and gut health and hope that my products will not only help people to look good but feel better, too.”

The products

Carla works with leading microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths. They employ cutting edge research to ensure the efficacy of her existing products. The teams also develop innovative new products that will be market leaders.

The Beauty Chef was the first beauty brand to focus on cultivating good gut health for healthy skin. It pioneered the philosophy of ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ and ‘Beauty Begins in the Belly.’

The idea

Carla learned first hand that beauty begins in the belly when she was a teenager with troubled skin. Suffering with eczema and allergies, Carla’s mother took her to a naturopath. They adjusted her diet and soon cleared her skin. “My inner beauty journey began with my own skin and health issues,” explains Carla. “I have seen that what I put into my mouth has a profound effect on my health.”

Carla’s work

Carla spent the first 10 years of her working life as a writer and fashion stylist. She then turned her attention to beauty writing. Alarmed by the questionable substances in many beauty products, the allure wore off.

Worried about the industry’s lack of transparency, Carla began writing about alternatives. She also began making her own natural skincare from plants and organic foods. She wrote her first best-selling book, Feeding Your Skin, published by Penguin books.

The Beauty Chef now has eight inner beauty and two outer beauty skincare products. Every product uses organic, nutrient-dense wholefood ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics. All are scientifically-formulated to fortify skin on the inside and outside.

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