Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes are revolutionising the way we care for our hair, and the planet.

2017 was a year in which the world started to wake up. The damaging effects that plastic is having on our environment is clear to all.

Our parent company is Eve of St. Agnes, an award-winning natural beauty brand. Last year, we made the decision to remove all plastic bottles from our product ranges. We wanted to go a step further and eradicate all plastic from our products completely.

The challenge

We set ourselves a challenge: create a range of products that were entirely free from plastics. Although a lot of plastic bottles in the UK are recyclable, few actually make it to the recycling bin. In fact in the UK, 16 million plastic bottles every day aren’t recycled. They end up in landfill, or are simply discarded on the street.

Most plastic bottles in the UK are manufactured in China. They have already traveled nearly a third of the way around the world before they get to the UK. Each plastic bottle will is within an individual plastic bag, to protect it on its journey. That’s a lot of plastic!

So the concept of Beauty Kubes was born. Programs like Blue Planet II and the work of Surfers Against Sewage inspired the work. We also read some eye-opening and frightening statistics from The Dame Ellen Macarthur Foundation. The sheer volume of plastics entering the world’s oceans is staggering.

We hope you like our exciting new innovation. It can help you to achieve a plastic free lifestyle and encourage you to think about the products you use. Do we really need all this plastic? We think not! That’s why we have opted for cardboard and biodegradable packaging.

We would love to hear about your plastic free journey. Please get in touch with your tips and suggestions on how we can all cut down on our use of plastic.

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