A beautiful collection of vegan baby & toddler products. Perfect for sensitive skin with ingredients that nourish delicate skin effectively. Free of synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and parabens. Organic and cruelty free.

When Michaela founded boep during her first pregnancy, she knew that she wanted to produce highly skin compatible natural cosmetics without synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. From going to med school and obtaining a medical degree, she knew how sensitive skin can be and which ingredients nourish your and your baby’s skin effectively. Michaela felt the responsibility to give her young daughter the best possible start. Thus, she searched for adequate care products that were free of synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and parabens, only to find natural products that were
obtrusive in their fragrance and appearance.

Applying the utmost care, Michaela in her role as a medical professional chose additives of which she knew the protecting and nourishing features when applied to sensitive children’s skin. Gaining pace throughout vigorous exchange with other mothers and friends, a whole set of products, each combining diligently picked ingredients with a pleasant, yet subtle scent, was created.

Independent dermatological tests proved the excellent compatibility of the newly developed product line. At last the baby oil project was branded “das boep”Since December 1, 2016 boep provides a carefully composed line of skincare products. Using only the right and needed ingredients, these products not only fulfil the strict regulations of natural cosmetics when providing perfect care and pleasant appearance, but adequately fit into every home due to their appealing design. boep only use carefully selected, high quality ingredients. The great skin compatibility has been tested and confirmed by the independent dermatologists at Dermatest

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Showing all 6 results