Our family have candle-making in our blood – our great-great-grandfather was a candlesmith in London during the Victorian era.

At the time, candles were also natural – mostly not such delightful ingredients as Coconut though, the majority produced from animal fat! However, even then, truly quality candles were produced from the much harder to source ingredient of Beeswax.

We are truly passionate about the environment, and the effect that candles made from both paraffin (essentially petrol) and even most natural waxes have on the planet has left us concerned. Natural waxes, like soy and palm, are often directly or indirectly responsible for deforestation around the world.

This is why we decided to turn our candle-making from a family craft into a professional enterprise. We are determined to use our special formula of renewable and sustainable coconut wax to produce the highest quality natural candles!

Cocomoon Candles are not only truly natural, they are also of the highest luxury quality in design and ingredients. Coconut wax is avoided by large firms who mass-produce their candles as it is expensive, so they tend to substitute with a less eco-friendly alternative. We passionately believe that Coconut wax is the best wax available, as it offers the healthiest, cleanest burn and is completely odourless when burnt (unlike the strong smell of soy).

Our luxury designs reflect the superior quality of our ingredients – the Premium Collection offer clean and sleek black and white glasses finished with the crisp flourish of our moon in four different colours. These reflect our beautiful natural scents.


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Showing all 4 results