Jennifer Young

A natural, effective specialist skincare and body care range created for those living with and beyond cancer. A range that supports women at a time when they are most concerned about their appearance and struggling to manage skin changes due to treatment for cancer. After all women don’t stop being women when they are diagnosed with cancer.

With a scientific background in biology, qualified as a nutritional therapist and aromatherapist Jennifer Young was asked by patients and staff at her local hospital to develop a skincare range that could be used for those living with and beyond cancer. With help from the NHS staff to guide her through what not to include, Jennifer created Defiant Beauty as patients struggled to find alternatives to replace their regular skincare during treatment for cancer. A range that ticked medical requirements as well as patients’ needs.

100% Natural, Organic, Chemical Free and without the use of endocrine disruptors (phytoplant oestrogen commonly found in plants) which are advised to be avoided during treatment for cancer, and commonly found in most skincare ranges.

Keeping ingredients to a minimum with carefully selected essential oils chosen for their therapeutic benefits the Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty range is perfectly suited to delicate skin including those not going through treatment for cancer but also may suffer from dry, sore, sensitive and itchy skin.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results