Nut & Noggin

Nut & Noggin are a bunch of hair fanatics out to put the ‘care’ back into hair. You’ll love their zero sulphate, plastic free shampoo bar that makes sense for your hair and the planet.

Their gentle formula lasts twice as long as a regular shampoo. They make their shampoo bars in batches using a traditional cold processed method. Each bar is also completely cruelty free too. Plus, Nut & Noggin donate £1 from every sale towards helping young people who are facing mental health challenges.

Nut & Noggin use only well sourced ingredients in their products. Organic flax seed oil nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp, while artisan brewed beer adds shine and radiance. Coconut oils are naturally conditioning and offer a gentle lather, and the delicious smells of pomegranate and mint revive your senses with every wash.

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Showing all 1 result