Prismologie promotes the naturally mood enhancing properties of their body care range through theirs: Diamond & Neroli for clarity, Citrine & Bergamot for confidence, Rose & Rose Quartz for comfort, Jade & Vetiver for serenity, Ruby & Cedarwood for vigour, and Sapphire & Oud for stillness.

In 2013 founders, Sheikhas Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah started developing Prismologie, a beauty brand with a unique mission to inspire people to embrace the powers of colour as a mood enhancing tool to manage their hectic and busy lives.

They work with some of the UK’s top beauty scientists to create a multi-sensorial range that imbues the skin with the transfomational properties of each colour.

Choosing active ingredients such as warming Capsicum extract that increase blood circulation to invigorate the body and mind, or comforting Arctic Rose extract that increases endorphin levels, making your skin happier.The six distinctive hues have been chosen for the way they affect your mood. Plus, each product from the beauty line. So if you’re feeling a bit stressed, all you need to do is reach for the soothing effects of the Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream due to the comfort provided by Rose Quartz, Rose and the colour pink. Or, for a burst of confidence before a presentation, try The Red Hour Dry Body Oil with Cedarwood and Ruby, which makes you feel vigorous with its warm scent.