This natural artisan company is based in Cornwall. A beautiful of range of natural deodorants and lip balms. Handcrafted and presented in simple and beautiful compostable paper packaging. Aluminium, paraben and plastic free. Vegan and cruelty free friendly.

Scence offers products for people that care about what they put on their skin as well as how they impact on the world around them. It is formulated using a range of natural and organic ingredients that are both nourishing for your skin and kind on the environment.

Krista moved to Cornwall as a teenager to study at Falmouth School of Arts and had a career in fine art and design before retraining in complementary therapies. Qualified in anatomy & physiology, aromatherapy and massage therapies, Krista has been researching, formulating and perfecting the Scence range for over three years alongside developing the fully compostable packaging. “I have always been interested in natural oils and the efficacy of herbs and felt frustrated that so much of the natural skincare on offer was packaged in single use plastic containers and applicators. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling this conflict and felt strongly that the way forward was to develop new ways of packaging the brand without compromising the environment. I was making balms for family and friends that needed help with eczema and sensitive skin so was particularly interested in addressing specific needs as well as developing a really effective deodorant that didn’t use questionable ingredients like aluminium’.

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Showing all 11 results