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Up until a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that I would have replaced all my skincare with products made with ingredients more associated with eating than cleansing or moisturising.

I was on holiday in India and suffering from skin breakouts, something that happened frequently no matter what I did. A local lady told me to wash my face once daily in the raw coconut oil her family produced at home. I knew coconut oil was nutritious to eat – but I was blown away by how quickly my skin cleared up. Thinking I had tried everything this was big news to me – and having been sceptical about the effectiveness of natural skincare products believing I needed something ‘stronger’, I was convinced by the power of raw coconut oil as a skin treatment.

Coming back to London, I was unable find a coconut oil with the same lightness, absorbency and delicate rather than overpowering aroma, qualities that made the oil I had come across in India so effective for topical use, so I decided to embark on a mission to source it myself. Finally, after months of sampling and testing, I found what I was looking for and launched Sister & Co. Coconut Oil, our original product. Cold-pressed at a small organic farm on the Sri Lankan coast, this is the ultimate grade of raw coconut oil for your beauty and skincare routine.

This journey led me to become passionate about the ability of food-grade, nutrient-rich natural ingredients (many of which are unexpected), in their raw and undiluted state when vitamins, minerals and nutrients are fully intact, to heal and nourish your body on the outside as well as the inside. Yet when I looked for skincare products on the market that were formulated entirely naturally there were barely any options. Even those brands that label their products as natural very often add chemical fillers, preservatives and synthetic fragrance – which even in small quantities can compromise the integrity of any active natural ingredients.
Knowing that it’s not just me who is demanding honest natural skincare options I have chosen to follow my passion, given up my career as a lawyer and worked with cosmetic chemists to develop the Sister & Co. Skin Food range. This is a unique collection of truly natural skin and body care products made with the finest skin superfoods from around the world – we use an array of organic cold-pressed plant oils, raw nut butters and milks, sugars, salts, clays, waxes and pure essential oils.

We don’t use any chemical preservatives or fillers, synthetic fragrances or toxins of any kind in any quantity in our formulations to artificially alter the texture, smell or colour of our products. Our raw, or minimally processed ingredients, are able to remain as potent as they are found in nature at source. We carry out frequent production runs in small batches and bring these to market straight away meaning that every product you will come across is at its peak efficacy.

We believe in truth and transparency in the personal care industry – what you see with Sister & Co. Skin Food is what you get, with no compromise on luxury. You won’t go back to synthetic, chemical-laden skincare once you see the results.

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