Beauty Chef Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost 500ml


This probiotic concentrate is rich in bio-fermented papaya to help combat free radical damage and boost gut health with natural digestive enzymes and probiotics

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Use The Beauty Chef’s antioxidant inner beauty boost for radiant skin. Each 15ml serving contains naturally occurring, digestive-balancing probiotics. These help support healthy skin from cellular ageing. Regular use will also boost your immune system and nourish your gut microbiome.

This probiotic concentrate is rich in bio-fermented papaya which combats free radical damage. It also boosts gut health with natural digestive enzymes and probiotics.

The Beauty Chef’s antioxidant inner beauty boost is full scientifically-proven immune enhancing properties. It’s an ideal tonic if you are recovering from illness. It’s also great if you have tired and sallow-looking skin, or skin that’s damaged by your environment.

Antioxidant is super-charged by The Beauty Chef’s exclusive Flora Culture™ fermentation process. The Beauty Chef’s boosts amplify the effects of your daily skin supplement. The Beauty Chef’s founder, Carla, learned first-hand that beauty begins in the belly. As a teenager, she suffered with troubled skin, eczema and allergies. Carla’s mother took her to a naturopath who adjusted her diet and soon cleared her skin.

“My inner beauty journey began with my own skin and health issues,” explains Carla. “I have seen that what I put into my mouth has a profound effect on my health.”

The Beauty Chef range is expanding. It now includes eight inner beauty products and two outer beauty skincare products. Every product in the range is a blend of certified organic, nutrient-dense ingredients. They’re also full of prebiotics and probiotics. Carla works with leading microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths to continually develop her products. As a result, The Beauty Chef is leading the market in edible skincare.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your antioxidant inner beauty boost today.

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Key Ingredients

Flora Culture™ – 14 strains of bacteria including lactobacillus, bifidum and beneficial yeasts introduced to the formula as part of our unique lacto-fermentation process. This process ferments the ingredients over a 6-8 week period, making them more bio-available and creating a broad-spectrum probiotic.

Lactobacillus metabolites – produced by our exclusive Flora Culture™ lacto-fermentation process, research shows these compounds may have immune-boosting benefits.

Bio-fermented papaya – rich in beauty nutrients including antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, B and C, carotene, magnesium, potassium and plant proteolytic enzymes to help you digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats for optimal nutrient absorption.

Bio-fermented pomegranate – packed with natural antioxidants, folic acid, vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, iron, ellagic acid to help prevent collagen breakdown and punicic acid to strengthen your skin and stimulate cell regeneration.

Bio-fermented green tea – a natural antioxidant rich in anti-inflammatory catechins and polyphenols to boost your skin health and overall wellbeing.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant that neutralises oxidative damage from free radicals to help prevent cellular ageing, dry skin and collagen breakdown.

How to Use

The Beauty Chef’s inner beauty products are like skincare for your belly. Think of The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder as your internal skin moisturiser and the Inner Beauty Boosts as your internal skin serums, designed to target specific skin concerns and super-charge your inner beauty routine.

For an extra potent skin-boosting potion, pair the ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost with your daily dose of The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Powder.

Or simply mix a 15ml serve of the ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost with 200mls of filtered water and consume once daily.

You can also add the Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boosts to your favourite smoothie or dessert recipes.

Full Ingredients

Flora Culture Plus Blend™ (papaya fruit and leaf extract, green tea extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin E, lactobacillus acidophilus, l. casei, l. plantarum,l. bulgaricus, l. fermanti, bifidobacterium lactis, b. bifidum, saccharomyces cerevisiae), glycerol (422) (derived from sustainable palm).

The Beauty Chef’s ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost is gluten free and vegan and contains no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, additives, nuts, lactose, dairy or sugar. The Beauty Chef products are not tested on animals and proudly Australian made.


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