Bloomtown Pink Himalayan Salt Soak: The Woods


Turn bath time into the ultimate pampering experience with Bloomtown: The Woods. This mineral-rich, beautifully scented pink Himalayan salt bath soak is enriched with vitamin E and sweet almond oil to nourish your skin.

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Bloomtown: The Woods turns bath time into the ultimate pamper session with a pink Himalayan salt bath soak. Each bottle of bath salts is enriched with vitamin E and sweet almond oil to care for skin.

The woods bath soak take you on a walk through Bloomtown woods right from your tub. Enjoy the scents of towering cedars and tangles of earthy roots. You’ll love the bright notes of bergamot framed by grounding vetiver and cedar. This pink Himalayan salt bath blend is perfect for both men and women.

Since ancient times, humans have sought out mineral-rich springs to soak their weary bodies, and for good reason! Salt baths have the power to draw out excess moisture and swelling from aching, over-worked limbs. Salts have the added benefit of aromatherapy, so put on some soothing tunes, pour yourself a glass of prosecco, lie back, take a deep breath and savour this time to yourself…you’ve earned it!

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Full Ingredients

Pink Himalayan Salts, Fragrance & Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil

*Please note that all of our products are hand-crafted with natural plant oils and botanicals, no machines and no harsh chemicals, therefore you may notice natural variations in colour and texture. These do not in any way affect the quality of the product. All formulas have undergone rigorous evaluations to meet health and safety standards


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