Cocomoon Luxury Natural Scented Candle: Sandalwood & Vanilla


SANDALWOOD & VANILLA scented candle is a traditional blend that will help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

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Our scented luxury candles are handpoured in the UK. Our scented coconut wax candles burn better and cleaner than any paraffin or soy wax candle. Our coconut wax formula is natural and renewable – it is Soy Free, Palm Free and Paraffin Free. We know that our natural Coconut wax candles are better than any made out of Soy wax.

Coconut wax has far better natural properties compared to soy. It’s benefits are so amazing that they are used in everything from face creams and shampoos, so why not in candles?

We are offering truly luxury natural Coconut wax candles that combine great design with the highest quality ingredients. It’s the perfect gift for any friend or loved one!

Even the best Soy wax candles also have a strong odour that persists with every burn – Coconut wax is odourless, so blends perfectly with our natural range of scents.

Coconut wax burns much cleaner that soy wax and is both renewable and sustainable. We even only use clean burning wicks without any lead or metals.

Best of all, our Coconut wax is ethically sourced from suppliers who produce all their wax renewably and sustainably!

Our luxury designs reflect the superior quality of our ingredients – the Premium Collection offer clean and sleek black and white glasses finished with the crisp flourish of our moon in four different colours. These reflect our beautiful natural scents.
The scent range we have chosen for our Premium Collection took many months of work and debate to perfect – we believe the four final fragrances we have chosen offer a variety of aromas that cannot be found in any other candles on the market. From the deep aromas of the British orchard to the refreshing scents of the coast, we have something for everyone.
So if you are looking for a truly natural candle that is both luxurious and eco-friendly, then look no further than Cocomoon Candles!

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Sandalwood & Vanilla


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