Mauli Rituals Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil 100ml

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Sacred union Maul Rituals dry oil blends argan, moringa coconut and watermelon seed in one nutrient-rich formula. Use it regularly to protect and hydrate your skin and hair. This multi tasking treatment is scented with uplifting citrus notes, florals and warm, soothing base notes to balance mind and body. The accompanying bracelet is strung with three gold bells.

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Mauli Rituals dry oil multi-tasker glides on like a mist. It delivers the perfect marriage of four whisper light, nutrient-rich oils and thirteen exquisite essences. These combine to leave hair and skin feeling beautifully hydrated, protected. It also supports a luminous glow and offers a veil of pure scent.

This artisan dry oil is blended, bottled and hand-finished with mauli and three bells. Leave these bells on the bottle or wear them on your wrist. The delicate noise serves as a gentle reminder to value the past, live fully in the present and with faith for the future.

This dry oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants. It also contains oils of rejuvenating moringa, detoxifying watermelon seed. Conditioning coconut and tissue healing argan form the nourishing base. You’ll love the pure, therapeutic oils of uplifting lime and lavender. Optimistic sweet blood orange and healing geranium also combine to diminish feelings of apathy, fatigue and self-doubt.

Contains soft, soothing sandalwood and himalayan cedar wood, deep rich vanilla absolute and warm frankincense and patchouli. These balance frayed emotions to support inner awakening and emotional stability. Sensual jasmine sambac and intoxicating rose otto also help liberate the senses and bring greater passion, self-expression and strength.

From birth and every stage beyond, the people of India anoint from head to toe to invoke auspicious beginnings. Begin each day by nourishing, healing and protecting our skin, hair and senses.  Commit to your wellbeing despite the morning rush! Too often do we deny ourselves the care and attention we deserve and need to function at our best.

How to use

To lock in moisture, apply Mauli dry oil onto body immediately after shower. Or, spray into bath water to cocoon skin and amplify its sublime scent. You can also ruffle the oil through hair to nourish and protect.

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Key Ingredients

Moringa has an oleic acid content of 72%, contains 47 potent antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, 18 essential amino acids, 7 x vitamin C of an orange, 3 x iron of an almond, 4 x calcium of milk and twice as much vitamin A as found in a carrot.

The incredible rejuvenating properties of this oil penetrate deeply into skin so depleted minerals and vitamins can repair and revive naturally.

Watermelon Seed is extremely rich in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and with high levels of vitamin B, magnesium and zinc.

This light oil provides a gentle moisturiser that penetrates easily into the skin. Sacred Union eliminates toxins, clears blocked pores by dissolving excess sebum and calms skin inflammation.

How to Use

To lock in moisture, apply dry oil onto body immediately after shower. Or spray into bath water to cocoon skin and amplify its sublime scent and ruffle through hair to nourish and protect.   


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