Non Plastic Beach Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss


Non Plastic Beach have designed a natural, biodegradable dental floss that comes in a reusable and recyclable glass bottle with a metal lid.

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Non Plastic Beach’s biodegradable dental floss is a simple switch that helps cut down on your every day waste. This easy change to silk floss reduces your plastic consumption while keeping your teeth healthy and clean.

The natural silk dental floss is excellent. Silk is strong, effective and compostable. We know it says biodegradable in the title, but compost and dental floss don’t conjure good images together!

The packaging: Ships in a compostable or recyclable cardboard box, with no plastic windows or coatings. The box is vegan friendly, inside is a reusable and recyclable glass bottle that keeps your floss fresh. We’ll leave it to you to make your own minds up on natural silk dental floss with your own personal ethics.

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The Facts

Dental floss is the most plasticky thing in the bathroom, the product itself is made out of Nylon or Teflon and and the box is most often Polypropylene., which can be recycled (but only into a lower quality item). Dental floss is problematic in the marine environment as it has the potential to tangle and wrap round things. No dental floss should ever be put down the toilet because it can catch in pipes and contribute to blockages. Even though our dental floss is silk, which will biodegrade, the timescale over which it does is too long for it to break down in the pipes. However, correctly disposed of it will break down over time and disappear to nothing, that’s why we put our name to it!

The bottle is reusable


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