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Non Plastic Beach Soap Travel Tin

Non Plastic Beach Soap Travel Tin Bodycare
Non Plastic Beach Soap Travel Tin
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Quite simply, this Non Plastic Beach soap travel tin protects your soap bars on the go. It's a really convenient way to carry your soaps and bars, particularly for travel where you may not be able to wait for the soap to fully dry before putting it away. The soap tin is made of tin plate. It is 100% recyclable is widely accepted in household collections all over the UK. Unlike plastic, tin plate is also continuously recyclable.

It becomes something of equal quality time and time again, plastic does not. The dimensions for the tin are 110 x 80 x 24 mm. All Non Plastic Beach soaps come in cardboard boxes. Cardboard is lowest impact, completely plastic-free and fully recyclable or compostable.

Simply buy once and use it for years. The travel tin protects the soap and means you can take it out of the bathroom when not perfectly dry to take it away with you. These tins should be part of every travel enthusiast or business traveller’s kit for going away with plastic-free and convenient products that don’t have to go in the clear plastic bag at airport security! Order your travel tin today, and treat yourself to the Non Plastic Beach soap it's designed for.

Additional Information
Care We recommend not allowing the tin to sit with water in it or in a puddle of water for any length of time as this will eventually cause damage to the tin and make your soap go soggy!
Size 110x80x24mm

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