Scence Earth Spice Body Balm 60g


Scence earth spice body balm is full of hydrating, natural ingredients to nourish and gently fragrance your skin.

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Use Scence earth spice body balm every day to soothe, nourish and soften skin. It’s full of organic coconut and jojoba oil, mango butter and essential oils to create a super hydrating body balm.

Scence balms use all natural ingredients, and ensure the finest quality and freshness. Use within 24 months of purchase.

Care: Please look after your product by storing it in a cool, dry place. The balms will soften in warm temperatures above 30 degrees but will become firm again if cooled.

Your paper container tube or jar may darken with the natural oils of your balm as you use it, developing a deeper patina. This is normal and doesn’t affect the quality of your balm. Storing the balms in this way means there’s no plastic. The tube can be recycled or composted after use.

Each Scence body balm in handmade in Falmouth, Cornwall. They’re all cruelty free and vegan friendly as well as containing no plastic, no parabens, and no aluminium.

Order your Scence earth spice body balm today.

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Key Ingredients

Organic coconut oil, mango butter, sunflower wax, organic jojoba oil, patchouli essential oil, black pepper essential oil.

How to Use

To release the balm push the base firmly into the tube lid. Use daily after showering.

Warm the balm on your skin for 2-3 seconds melt it then glide to apply. It’s a wonderful silky feeling! Massage in to all areas of the body apart from face and neck.

This is also a wonderful massage blend.

Full Ingredients

Coconut oil (Cocus nucifera) is a wonderful moisturiser and has anti-bacterial properties so we use this in our deodorants and body balms to soften the skin and add a silky glide on application. Certified organic by the Organic Soil Association.

Mango seed butter (Mangifera indica) has skin softening, soothing & moisturising properties. It helps to combat dry skin, eczema and dermatitis. It is helpful in protecting the skin from the weather and UV radiation and is said to be effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, is non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin.

The mango butter is from Italy. Cold pressed and rendered from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, this highly prized butter is an exceptional quality base ingredient for body care products. Mango is one of the most important and widely cultivated fruits. Each fruit has a large flat seed. Mango butter is the soft fat extracted from the seed. It is free from pesticides and synthetic anti-oxidants. Unlike other butters, such as shea butter and cocoa butter, mango butter has a wound healing quality. Hence it is used as an application for fissures of the lips, hands and chapped skin.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia cheninsis) offers hydrating and sebum-balancing properties. It is has a light texture and is compatible with all skin types and has natural antibacterial properties to help keep skin clear and healthy. Certified organic by the Soil Association.

Patchouli essential oil (Pogostemon cablin) is best known in skincare and for topical applications because of its regenerating, deodorant, moistening and cooling qualities. It has a sweet, aromatic and woody balsamic aroma and has harmonising, soothing, calming and grounding effects. Certified organic by the Organic Soil Association.

Black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum) has a lovely deep, rich chocolate aroma which added to its warming and antibacterial properties make it an unusual but wonderful ingredient to our Black Peppery lip balm.



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