The last few months have been tough on many of us, whether it’s been a case of juggling work and homeschooling, shielding ourselves, or worrying about elderly relatives. It’s easy to prioritise all of those things over our own wellbeing, but as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

All these tasks and challenges we face can be better met if we’re spending a bit of time on self-care - which is any activity we do deliberately for the benefit of our mental, emotional and physical health.

Recharging our batteries is key to a good relationship with ourselves and others and, for many people, on the positive side, lockdown has provided an opportunity to focus on new practices that they might not have made time for in the past.

Daily exercise has become a popular means of self-care in lockdown for many people, whether it’s getting outside for a walk, whatever the weather, or perhaps taking up yoga or running. Obviously these activities are great for the body, but they are also invaluable when it comes to keeping it together mentally.

Self-care can also mean treating yourself to flowers once a week (I’m loving peonies!) or taking a relaxing bath using your favourite organic skin products. Whatever you do, spending that extra half hour on your own wellness can make all the difference, especially during these tough times.

The fact that the third lockdown is happening during winter months makes getting outdoors less appealing, but there’s no reason not to pamper yourself in the warmth of your own home! There are plenty of organic skincare products and cruelty-free brands that offer a real sense of luxury and wellness at affordable prices.

Our picks for self-care in lockdown

We love these Hobo Bloom Mineral Bath Salts, from Hobo + Co. An infusion of pink Himalayan and Dead Sea mineral bath salts with therapeutic rose geranium and lavender pure essential oils, they are the perfect antidote to a stressful day, and leave your skin feeling and smelling beautiful. 

The Prismologie bodycare range combines colour therapy with enriching fragrances and actives that are scientifically proven to enhance the mood while boosting your body and skin. Each of the colours are chosen for their mood-enhancing properties - White for clarity, Yellow for confidence, Pink for comfort, Green for balance, Red for vigour and Indigo for calmness.

The vegan Jade and Vetiver Bath Oil is our particular favourite at the moment, full of jade micro-crystals and the serene scent of vetiver to help soothe, renew and moisturise the skin. We also love the foaming Citrine and Bergamot Energising Shower Gel for an invigorating start to the day.

Another product we’re enjoying at the moment is the JoJo Co Natural Soy Candle in a variety of amazing scents. They add a real sense of luxury to any bath time and the Winter Grace fragrance feels warming and indulgent, fabulous for this time of year.

JoJo Co. candles are made using 100% Natural soy wax beans and lead-free cotton wicks for an earth-friendly, clean burn. Made from recycled glass, the candles add a new dimension to the concept of clean beauty, especially if used alongside the ethically sourced and organic skincare products on offer!

How about letting a loved one know you care?

As well as treating yourself, of course, it’s nice to treat those you love, whether it’s telling them that you’re thinking of them, or that you miss them, or even just ‘because’! 

Why not pass on the self-care message with an ethical luxury gift box so that they can spend some time indulging their own sense of wellbeing?

For advice on which products might suit you or your loved ones best, Ethical Apothecary’s beauty experts can help. Send us a message on the web chat channel, telling us as much as you can about your skin type and how your mood is affecting your sense of wellbeing, and one of our experienced therapists will get back to you with tailored, personalised advice. 

Stay well everyone.

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