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During & Beyond Cancer

During & Beyond Cancer
Our sensitive range of skincare for cancer patients offers gentle relief from some of the side effects of treatment. These products can soothe skin and support sleep, helping you or your loved one find some comfort and get well needed rest.

During this difficult time you need products you can trust. The range has been specially designed for skin that has been damaged by cancer treatments and unlike other moisturisers won’t cause further irritation.
Use Jennifer Young Beyond Beauty frankincense facial mist after treatment for cancer. The frankincense facial mist adds extra hydration to your morning routine. You can also use it at night to encourage nocturnal rejuvenation. Each wonderful Jennifer Young product can be enjoyed by thos..
£19.55 £23.00
This bottle of Jennifer Young  Beyond Beauty morning treatment uses natural goodness to support delicate skin. Use to support skin damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The treatment combines a blend of ingredients and essential oils to delicately health and nourish skin. Ingredients..
£23.80 £28.00
This Jennifer Young Beyond Beauty night treatment supports deep sleep and is so gentle on skin. It's perfectly suited for use by those who have been through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The natural ingredients help to soothe skin and encourage a restful sleep. Each product in the range uses..
£23.80 £28.00
Jennifer Young face and body cooling mist refreshes skin. Whether you are in hospital or in the middle of a hot flush, it offers fantastic relief. It is also perfect for summer days and sunshine. This mist is 100% organic and totally natural, with a hint of orange blossom fragrance. The defiant b..
£15.30 £18.00
Jennifer Young's  defiant beauty intensive serum uses a blend of light oils to nourish the sensitive and delicate areas. These chosen oils have an affinity to sensitive areas. There are no essential oils in this blend as they're considered unsuitable for sensitive areas. Defiant beauty by Je..
£23.80 £28.00
Jennifer Young itchy skin oil is ideal for skin as it undergoes, and recovers from, chemotherapy treatment. This blend contains herbal oils known for their soothing properties, formulated especially to soothe irritated skin. This incredibly moisturising, fragrance-free oil is ideal for itchy skin..
Use the fantastic Jennifer Young lip balm for cancer patients to combat cracked and chapped lips. Cancer patients often suffer with damaged lips during and after their chemotherapy. The experts at Jennifer young developed a delicate, nourishing balm to defend against dry lips. Apply thi..
The mild mint defiant beauty organic foot balm from Jennifer Young is both light and moisturising. Many cancer patients have to regularly moisturise as cancer treatments can cause damaged, itchy and sore skin. Taking this advice into account, Jennifer Young created a multi-tasking balm...
£15.30 £18.00
Jennifer Young hand balm is both light and moisturising. During treatment, many cancer patients are advised to cover their hands in a thick layer of balm and to cover them in cotton gloves. The defiant beauty range from Jennifer Young makes products specifically for skin damaged by ongoing trea..
Jennifer Young nail oil contains easily absorbed oils chosen for their moisturising qualities. Cancer patients often suffer from nail damage as a result of chemotherapy, so it' very important to take care of them. Types of nail damage can include, dry nails, brittle nails, loss of nails and ridges i..
£11.90 £14.00
A nourishing and calming scalp oil made from 100% natural ingredients The Defiant Beauty Collection was formulated for use during treatment for cancer. Designed for use by those who have been through chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy. All of the products are 100% natural, use organic ing..
£17.00 £20.00
The Crown Chakra represents the highest level of consciousness and enlightenment. It is the connective centre to the spirit. For this reason, a very specific blend of essential oils appears in the Jennifer Young crown chakra set. Enhance your wellness with sandalwood, frankincense, and neroli, ..
£19.55 £23.00
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