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Eye & Lip Care

Eye & Lip Care
Our carefully selected range of natural organic eye and lip care products help you nourish the delicate areas of your face. With daily exposure to the elements, you need natural, sustainable products to hydrate, protect and care for your eyes and lips. Take a look at the beautiful products we have on offer and treat yourself to guilt free, environmentally friendly eye and lips products.
Brand: Amazinc
A collection of deeply moisturising ingredients like beeswax, organic jojoba oil, almond oil and organic olive work protect your pout while a gentle vanilla tingle provides a subtle pick-me-up. And with the high content of panthenol and vitamin E, your lips will always be perfect. Keep this one on h..
The 360 Eye and Lip Contour is our new supercharged eye and lip cream based on the Age Smarter 360 concept, taking care of the skin naturally at every stage of life. Working proactively with the body to support graceful ageing. A 360 view of ageing tackles not only fine lines and..
Evolve hyaluronic serum is full of organic, exotic Tuberose flower plant stem cells. Used often, it helps to reduce the appearance of eye bags, fines lines and puffiness. It also firms and brightens the delicate eye area. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. Used on the skin, ..
Add a subtle touch of sparkle to your lips with the true gold Evolve Organic Beauty lip shine. Apply to your lips and get that perfect finishing touch to your look. Plus, this lip shine will also nourish your lips, so they'll feel just as good as they look. Evolve Organic Beauty delicately and ..
Brand: Haeckels
The effects of polluted air, late nights, increased screen time and air conditioning on the skin surrounding our eyes is an ongoing concern for many. This product was created to help the skin recover, reduce puffiness using a 100% natural formulation. Whilst there are several key ingredients to t..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga rejuvenating organic eye balm is soothing and kind to skin. The vitamin rich formula hydrates, firms and tones the eye area to defend against the signs of ageing. The shea butter base nourishes the skin and is bursting with vitamins A and E to help prevent premature wrinkles and facial li..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga seaweed lip balm is naturally kind to your delicate skin. It has a rich moisturising base of shea butter combined with a light SPF. As well as nourishing your lips, you get daily defence against the damaging effects of UV light. Organic beeswax also keeps lips soft and creates a protective bar..
Rabot 1745 Beauty almond chocolat sustainable lip balm is stunning. It's a deliciously decadent lip balm that's rich in essential oils. The natural lip balm uses a blend of almond oil, cacao butter and rosemary leaf extract. It moisturises and nurtures the delicate skin on your lips. Of co..
Naturally polish your smile with Rabot 1745 Beauty avocado and lime lip scrub. Banish dry skin and support healthy, nourished lips with stunning natural ingredients. Zesty lime invigorates whilst sugar exfoliates dead skin cells. Avocado is a super ingredient. Nourishing avocado oil is rich ..
We love the fantastic Rabot 1745 Beauty natural balm. This wonder balms hydrates, calms, tames and highlights. It also intensively moisturising skin.   Ingredients come from Bois Bandé. The incredible rainforest stimulant loved and used for centuries for its aphrodisiac propertie..
Brand: Scence
This bitter orange vegan lip balm from Scence is a gorgeous treatment for your delicate lip skin. It's full of rich, nourishing organic ingredients to protect your lips. Jojoba oil, illipe and mango butter to smooth and soothe and myrica wax seals in the moisture and offers that protective laye..
Brand: Scence
You'll love Scence's peppery, cruelty free, vegan lip balm. It is full of natural ingredients that help lock moisture into your lips and has a sharp, black pepper taste. Lips have 3-4 cellular layers, whereas the rest of your body has 16-20. That's why you need to give you lips a little extra care ..
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