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Travel Skincare
With busy lifestyles, it’s not always easy to look good on the go. But, with our fantastic range of travel size skin care products, you can! We’ve carefully hand selected the best ethical, natural, affordable and environmentally friendly travel skin care products for you. Check out the range and start planning for your next trip today. 
Brand: Haeckels
Skin care requirements change throughout the seasons for all of us. We don’t believe a solution to this is to buy multiple moisturisers and invest money in more and more products with a short shelf life. By using our cold pressed oils and our Kelp Bioferment you can add essential vitamins and nut..
Brand: Ishga
This natural dream candle is made from soya wax and hand poured in 2 stages with a sprinkle of hand-harvested Hebridean seaweed in between in each pour. The seaweed becomes apparent when the candle is lit and the top layer of wax becomes molten. This stunning natural candle, made from soya wax an..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga Invigorating Body Oil is packed with sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed and provides a great way to moisturise dry skin whilst stimulating, revitalising and aiding self-repair. This powerful oil is packed full of Seaweed which provides Vitamins including A, C and E, Minerals, Trace E..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga travel size active seaweed cleansing lotion is a gentle yet powerful cleanser for your face. It harnesses the power of nature to leave your skin clean and naturally soft and radiant. This travel seaweed cleansing lotion quickly removes make up and daily grime from skin. It contains a blend ..
Brand: Ishga
Ishga face oil uses naturally, organic ingredients to moisturise delicate skin. Their seaweed face oil is ultra hydrating and kind to skin. This face oil uses essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants to rehydrate and tone the skin. Ishga face oil contains pure geranium oil with a base of skin soft..
Each pack contains: 16 organic cotton make up remover pads, 8cm in diameter, super absorbent and multi layered. Made from the highest quality organic cotton (GOTS certified), without the use of nasty chemicals. One mesh bag ideal for the laundry, can be machine washed to re use 1000 of times ..
Brand: Amazinc
A unique blend of plant oils from and extracts of Oats (OAT LIPID E) that regenerates, moisturises and restores the skin while leaving protection from the sun. The Tanning oil offers completely plant-based UV protection.Due to its rich ceramide content, Oats lends this oil highly regenerative p..
Sleep Balm is a soothing bedtime balm to incorporate as part of your evening routine to aid relaxation.This naturally fragranced balm is packed with organic oils, shea butter, oat, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood for moments when you need a little calm in your life to help you rela..
Brand: UpCircle
A gentle eye cream to brighten, refresh and renew, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.Reused, repurposed, reloved. This eye cream is made with coffee oil extracted from repurposed grounds and anti-inflammatory maple bark extract, a by-product of the wood industry.Suitable for all..
Brand: UpCircle
Two Certified Organic unbleached double-layered cotton muslin squares to help remove the UpCircle Cleansing Balm and Face Mask.100% Soil Association and GOTS certified organic, completely unbleached and undyed. Natural off-white open weave, lightweight and machine washable. The perfect product ..
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