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Bathroom Vegan

Bathroom Vegan
Bathroom Vegan:
The rosemary hair and body wash from Bain and Savon is a real time and space saver. The multi-purpose bar is great for travelling as you get your shampoo, soap and shaving lather all in one pocket-sized bar. The bar comes in a handy, reusable travel tin too. It's great for holidays and campi..
You'll love the zesty scent of this wonderful Bain and Savon natural shampoo bar. The solid bar contains natural ingredients to soften and cleanse your hair every day. Bain and Savon carefully blend ingredients to support your hair health. Babassu oil helps repair and soften your hair. Jojob..
We love how clean and healthy our hair feels after using the Bain and Savon nettle and seaweed shampoo bar. Seaweed is fantastic for your hair and skin as it's full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It's naturally exfoliating and cleansing. Nettle increases blood flow to your scalp. It also oxyge..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
A plastic free, solid conditioner, vegan, palm free and fragrance free. Formulated to be as gentle on the scalp as possible, while conditioning the hair. With a unique blend of skin and hair nourishing oils, plant extracts and herbs. Wrapped in new 100% plastic free, plant-based, home compostable..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
New Beauty Kubes are a zero waste, water-free hair conditioner. The formula is also free from plastic packaging. Each 5cm x 5cm x 5cm box contains 27 individual hair masks. Beauty Kubes are a new and unique zero waste beauty concept formed with natural and organic ingredients. Each ingr..
Brand: Beauty Kubes
The unique new pH balanced, natural sensitive formula contains a blend of natural oils, herbs and plant extracts to leave the hair thoroughly cleansed, soft, shiny and cared for. Now wrapped in new 100% plastic free, plant-based, home compostable film derived from the cellulose of wood pulp...
Brand: Beauty Kubes
Beauty Kubes plastic free solid body wash offers a luxurious, vegan, palm oil free alternative to solid soap bars. Most solid bar soap has a high PH which disrupts the delicate balance of the skin. These solid palm oil free cubes are PH balanced and contain skin nourishing coconut milk, pro vitam..
Evolve sunless glow body lotion is a rich, organic self tanner. Over a number of applications, you'll notice a healthy glow on your skin. It also contains organic papaya to smooth the skin and prepare it for summer. You'll also find the organic aloe vera soothes any signs of redness or irritation an..
This superfood shine Evolve conditioner uses natural oils and butters to replenish and rehydrate hair. It's suitable for use on normal to dry hair. The incredible Baobab proteins give you a natural shine, as well as strengthening, protecting, and reducing frizz and tangles. It also boosts softness a..
This Evolve shampoo is absolutely fantastic. The superfood shine shampoo contains natural cleansers from sugar and coconut to gently cleanse scalp and hair. The natural formula cleans your hair without stripping out its natural oils. The incredible Baobab proteins have been shown to boost shine, str..
Feel good and do good with these organic period pads from Grace and Green Each pad is made from 100% organic cotton and gives you 100% superior protection. These pads are designed to be ultra soft, breathable and lightweight, while still offering you the very best protection. They're incredi..
These Grace and Green night-time cotton period pads offer ultra soft, lightweight and organic protection even on heavy flow days. The lightweight, 100% organic cotton pad is ready for whatever your body can throw at it, offering 100% superior protection. As well as being incredibly absorbent..
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